Halloween Countdown Calendar, filled with 16 foil-wrapped treats

*Open a flap every day and enjoy a sweet treat while counting down the days to Halloween! 

*Great for all ages - our motto is "Make waiting fun!"

*Foil-wrapped milk chocolate flavored treats have bewitching Halloween character illustrations which kids love!  Provides 16 days of fun and anticipation - Open Flap 1 on Oct. 16th and end by opening Flap 16 on Halloween, Oct. 31st!

*Daily fun game - printed under each flap is a Halloween mini picture to find in the spooky cemetery scene on the back of the box.  Also printed under each flap is the number of days remaining until Halloween, helping kids countdown to Halloween!

*Keep track of the flaps with our mascot "Countdown Pal" by coloring or drawing an X over the number in his smile everyday.

*Beautiful Halloween artwork on box - haunted house on front side and creepy cemetery on back side.

*Made in USA.  Treats are OUD certified Kosher.

*A distinctive, unique gift that can become an annual family tradition for Halloween.


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